Mobility Tool Kit Step 2

Adapt knowledge to local context:
Legal lessons learned

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Barb Whitenect (NS)


Dale Atkinson, Esq., ASWB Legal Counsel

Tiffany Thorne, MSc, LLB

This session will inform participants about the legal lessons learned that affect the ways in which jurisdictions address Mobility. Tiffany Thorne will present on labour mobility in Canada following enactment of the Agreement on Internal Trade (AIT)/Canadian Free Trade Agreement (CFTA). Dale Atkinson will present on legal lessons learned that impact Mobility strategies in the United States.

Learning Objectives:

After completing this session, participants should be able to:

  1. Identify areas in a mutual recognition agreement where precise wording is necessary.
  2. Differentiate between jurisdictional structures and how variation in structure affects mutual recognition models.
  3. Differentiate between binding legal interpretations, reconciliation of occupational standards, and dispute/complaint resolution.
  4. Identify what case law about board authority, statutory interpretation, or application of mutual recognition principles is relevant in their jurisdiction.



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United States

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