Mobility Tool Kit Step 5B

Assess facilitators and barriers to interjurisdictional practice:
Practice across borders using technology

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The session asks, “Is this an episode of The Jetsons or is this for real?” Learn how telemedicine/electronic practice is changing the landscape of health and mental health care and how technology affects policy regulators. Participants will explore how telehealth/electronic practice may be used in real world situations and explore the legal and licensure implications of using this method of service delivery in a clinical environment.

Learning Objectives:

After completing this session, participants should be able to:

  1. Explain the principal variations of licensure requirements related to telehealth.
  2. Identify considerations that policymakers may contemplate as they develop and administer regulations related to telehealth practice.
  3. Explore possible solutions to the current regulatory challenges that regulatory bodies face with technology-assisted practice.
  4. Describe the ethical risks for social workers when working with patients/clients in a virtual environment.



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